A few photos from my 70th birthday. A day of fun and wonderful surprises. I feel so lucky!

I’ve not learnt how to add the captions underneath the photos, sorry!!

A family meal at the Farmers – Nicola & Sara had got the day off work so a wonderful surprise. I had an interesting walk home with my enormous balloons!

I had lots lovely gifts.

I love pigs! I requested a real one for my birthday but I will just have to chat to this one!! 🤣

More special visitors, my Ugandan friend Moureen and her lovely family. Jeremy ‘ helped’ me with my turn at Scrabble!! He also delighted in seeing the cake, he loves cake!!

Sara made my birthday cake and what a beautiful cake it was! A lemon drizzle with a lot of special ingredients. It was delicious 😋!

A special warm and windproof changing robe. An ideal gift for the start of my ‘wild swimming’ season next month! No more hyperthermia!!

Ok, 70 yesterday but back to 69 today to look forward to my 70th next year when you can all come to my party, hopefully!!

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