Desks needed for Good Luck Junior School and the story of Nico, the uneducated deaf teenager who is going to help make them!

For several years Nico, who is profoundly deaf, collected my water from the borehole, and always seemed to be around when I needed anything, even helping me put on my sandals! He often sat nearby when I was preparing for school and took a real interest in my books and other educational materials, loving to play dominoes whenever the chance arose! Early last year during my visit to Uganda just before Covid hit, I found out he had had very little education as the local schools couldn’t cope with his disability and schools for the deaf are very few in Uganda and he would have needed sponsorship from a charity or parents who could afford the fees. Nico’s family are very poor.
Nico is too old for school now, but with the help of a teacher for the deaf interpreting, last January during my annual visit to Uganda, Innocent and I found out he would like to be a carpenter. So for the last 18 months he has been under the instruction of John, a carpenter in the local town, who has taught him the basic skills of carpentry. He has been living with the teacher for the deaf who has helped him with his communication skills and other skills he will need in a working environment.
With help from kind sponsors we have provided the money for accommodation, food and clothes. Also paid wages to the teacher and carpenter, and bought wood and tools. Several items have been made including beds, a table and a chair. John has now agreed to help Nico make desks for the school once I raise the money for them. So that’s where you come in, I hope!

The school needs 42 desks, 7 for each of the 6 classrooms. They are a combination of a bench and table, which will seat four children.
I am asking for a donation of £20 for each desk. If you wish you can have your name or that of a friend painted on your desk for the children to know who gave it to them. Or the desk can be used as an alternative gift to celebrate a special birthday or anniversary, and of course it’s not long until Christmas! You will receive a photo of your desk either to enjoy yourself or pass on as your gift. Another idea is to have your favourite saying painted on as long as it’s appropriate and only short.

The news from Uganda is that schools are still closed because of lockdown so getting desks in the classrooms will be a wonderful surprise for the children’s return when that happens giving them a comfortable seat for their lessons. So please sponsor a desk to go in the new classrooms that many of you helped build.
Please contact me for ways to make your desk donation and if you would like your desk dedicated to someone.
Thank you once again for your support. 🤗

Nico, he could collect three heavy jerrycans of water when he borrowed Innocent’s bike.
Nico at work
Nico beside singer of the beds he helped to make
Two of them many desks we provided Braintrust Primary School with in 2018.

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