Don’t the desks look wonderful!

Don’t they look great? The desks and blackboards are complete and have been delivered to the school awaiting the opening of the new school year at the beginning of February. I bet the children can’t wait to come back, they love school and will have had no education in two years because of Covid. Thanks for providing them with six new classrooms, 8 new latrines and all the lovely desks and blackboards. You’re amazing! I hope you enjoy all the photos and videos. I’ll be sending photos of the individual desks to those of you who sponsored them.

Innocent will return to the school next year to bring us an update when the school reopens and the school becomes a busy happy place once again. Wish I could be there!! X

The children will live reading these sayings. Other desks had the names of those who donated them or if someone they were dedicated too.
The old blackboards were few, small and very worn out. They had to be shared amongst the classes!

Each of the six classrooms have a big new blackboard hung up so it won’t get damaged like the old ones that were moved from class to class

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