School is in!

How wonderful to hear the voices of lots of happy children in the video Innocent has sent!

Today was Parents Day in every school in Uganda including Good Luck Junior School and how incredible it is that these village children had a school to go to at all, and teachers ready to teach them! I know I keep thanking you for your amazing kindness and generosity, but I can’t emphasise enough what a difference you have made since my last visit to Uganda when I discovered the terrible state of this schools buildings. Then, shortly after my return home, all schools and many businesses were closed for two years with the pandemic. First of all you bought two pigs, firstly a sow and then later a boar, to create a project to help with the school’s expensive. The sow is just about to give birth! Then you provided funds to build classrooms with new desks and blackboards, as well as a block of latrines, and most recently financial help so that the teachers could be paid. Without this support we wouldn’t be viewing this lovely, happy, heart-warming

scene! I’m just smiling 😊 and feeling so grateful?

Enjoy the video. Hope to be back very soon with more news about how the parents meeting went today. X

This is the nursery class and year one combined. I love the joy on many faces especially the little boy in the orange top!

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