4 thoughts on “Mum Betty sing Happy birthday

    • Gerry says:

      Hi Jane, thank you for offering a
      You can donate by cheque made out to
      Gerry’s Uganda Projects or do a bank transfer. Unless you live locally and then cash will be fine. I have a Vernon Building Society Account for Gerry’s Uganda Projects here in Poynton and you can transfer your donation from a bank account using the following information. 
      For bank transfer:
      Acc 10920320
      Sort 20-55-34
      Ref 0505003578
      ALL three sets of numbers MUST be used in the transfer. No names or words are usually needed.
      Reason for the 3 sets of numbers is because the transfer goes via Barclays Bank. VBS doesn’t do online banking by itself! The three numbers are necessary for success of transfer.
      We’ve recently had problems with donors sending from Santander so if that is the case I do apologise and advise you to donate by cheque or cash or get in touch again and I can give you my personal transfer bank details and I’ll forward it to the Vernon.
      Please let me know when you have actually done the transfer so I can go down to the Building Society to confirm receipt. Thank you again for your support especially through these tough times.
      Best wishes Gerry


      • Jane Simon says:

        Hi Gerry,
        I think a cheque would probably be easier. I’m afraid I’ve forgotten your address. Can you send me it, or suggest how we can communicate outside the website to keep it private? Tx Jane


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