Graduation Day at Good Luck Junior School

*Nursery graduation 🎓at Good Luck Junior School!*

I wanted to share these wonderful videos before I say anything more as it felt so good to see the little school you helped to build and are now helping to keep open, celebrating!

*Innocent reports* (with a few comments from me in brackets). ‘The band lead the young graduates 🎓, teachers, parents and many locals (they love a party!), as they moved around the village advertising the school and inviting everyone to a meeting at the school. (I’m picturing this and smiling as I’ve witnessed and been caught up in these joyous processions several times!)

‘The pupils entertained the guests with song, dance and a special poem by the nursery graduates 🎓. Even the staff did some entertainment! There were speeches from chairmen of the four zones around and the head of security from the nearest town who promised to be by our side as we built GLJS. He also called upon the locals to support the school by bringing more pupils and meeting their responsibility.

‘They all asked me to pass on their sincere thanks to you for the great support. Head teacher Ibra in his speech also thanked me and madam Ann hambridge for good work well-done for GLJS. (Ann is my middle name!)

‘There was also fund raising for the construction of an office and a a kitchen. (At the moment the meals for the children are cooked out in the open making them vulnerable to whatever the weather throws at them and is very uncomfortable for the cook who is exposed to the strong sun for long hours.) 134,800 Ugx (£30) was collected on fund raising.

‘The cake was cut then the chief guest issued out certificates to the graduates 🎓. Then we had lunch. (The chief guest was a lecturer from the college Ibrahim attended.)

It sounds like it was a wonderful day for the school and hopefully will put more pupils on the register at GLJS especially those who have been denied an education so far.

More news soon.

Parents and other members of the community gather for the village celebration

The graduates 🎓perform a poem. (Very difficult to hear!)

Very short but shows the smart children better!

The Top Class of the Nursery receive their certificates

‘Even the staff gave entrainment, this was the cook’!

Notice members of the audience giving her the odd coin or two. I can remember being encouraged to join in one of these ceremonies and being given coins too! 🤣


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