A good news update! Enjoy!Good Luck Junior School and Paul!

A good news update! Enjoy!Good Luck Junior School and Paul!

1 – Firstly the very good news from Paul
This is the message Paul sent me on 21st February.
‘Hello mum
A good morning over there, it is really a good morning over here. Our results have been released today morning officially and I have passed them all without any retake in any course unit
Here is the summary
Internal medicine-69
Obstetrics and gynecology-63
Then my GPA is 3.62

WOW was my first reaction, and then almost but not quite tears of joy! He has done so so well! I of course congratulated him then he replied with ‘Thank you so much too for making all this happen, I wouldn’t do this without your support sincerely.
Am always and will always be thankful to you🙏🙏🙏
I really appreciate everything.’


Then this morning I received the following –
‘Hello mum
A good morning over there, I do hope your morning is very fine.
This message is to let you know how special you are to me, you took me in back then when I didn’t even have anything, I was quite hopeless by then, didn’t even know how to read or write.
But as a mother, you didn’t consider anything about the latter but rather decided to sharpen my future by taking me to school since then up to now. You have done everything to make sure am in school and didn’t lack anything while there.
I can’t say it all but this message is to let you know that I love you so much and I wish you a Happy woman’s day mum🤓. I don’t know how you are going to celebrate it but may it bring you happiness.’
This message is the only ‘reward’ I need to continue helping to educate some young people in Uganda. Whatever standard they achieve is well worth what we are able to offer them.
Thank you 😊 to all of you who have contributed to Paul’s success and for the help you are giving the other students. Others might not achieve the results like Paul but any education helps to lift them out of the poverty they and their families suffer. Even gaining their Primary 7 Leavers Certificate at the age of 14 can lead them to a job.

2 – GLJS – Innocent reports that there are now 160 children at the school, that’s 60 more than this time last year! These make up Nursery to year 7, when the children have a chance, in November, to take their National Leavers Exams enabling them to go to secondary school. It’s so good that a simple village school like this is giving the children the opportunity of the full range of primary classes, and hopefully achieving their National Primary Leavers Certificate.

This has only happened because of your donations to pay the salaries of the teachers as the parents couldn’t pay the school fees. Many parents are still struggling to pay the full fees but the situation is so much better than it was in recent years. We still need to sub the fees of many but at least things are moving in the right direction. Thanks for all your donations and please continue to give this help if you possibly can. Thanks especially those who have set up regular standing orders as it helps us assess the future, could you consider this regular donation please? I have enough in the account to help with the fees for another five months, until June.

I know we can’t go on subbing the school forever but let’s see if by helping them on their way the school can become self sufficient. They know that they do have to take full responsibility eventually though!

Children arriving at school
The teachers. Ibra the head on the right.
Innocent, standing on the right, had just paid them their February salaries and they sent their thanks to us all.
The teachers sign to say they’ve received their salaries

Having more children attending has meant the need for extra classroom space and, forever resourceful Ibra, the head teacher, has partitioned each of the present three classrooms into two using plywood. Not ideal but needs must. He has also recruited two extra teachers to cover the two extra classes of older children.

The classrooms divided into two for extra classes
Innocent explains how they have divided the classrooms adding new blackboards , though they need to buy black paint to finish them off
Because we are subbing the teachers wages, Ibra has also been in position to clear the license fees demanded by the government each year, and has had a school sign made too which is really smart!

The school cook has found it very uncomfortable cooking in the open with no shade from the scorching sun or shelter from the heavy rains. Don’t blame her! So during the extended school holiday due to Ebola, Ibra made a mud kitchen too! The children are given a cooked meal every day, maybe the only meal they will get!

Video showing the new kitchen which also shelters the wood fire from the wind!

ENORMOUS THANKS again to all of you who have helped Paul and are still helping him on his journey to find a job, to donating towards the other sponsored students and for your kind donations towards Good Luck Junior School. What a difference we have made! Please consider making a further one off donation or a regular donation towards helping the children in Uganda whose lives we are changing for the better!
Thank you or as the children say Asante sana!


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