Borehole Siting

I’m including the messages from Thaddaeus the engineer who gives a little more detail about the photos and what is going on:

Dear Gerry,

I am here in Kamuli with James and he is learning some hydo-geological skills. We are doing the survey and I have taken pictures of how things have been unfolding. I was so touched when James narrated the whole story about the school and how you have really supported them. I and on behalf of our company we say a very big thank you for loving Uganda and our children. May the Lord always bless you.

Here are some of the pictures. To be exact the borehole will be located in the sides of Hambridge Hall after the water tank near the fence. You will see that the two pegs that is in picture 89 and 90. As for me, I am the one in a checked short sleeved shirt with glasses.

Yes I can explain briefly what was happening. We were taking measurements at different points of the earth where James had proposed the borehole to be located. Each and every point we surveyed presented a different set of records, but we had to look for at least two spots which were consistent in terms water availability or yield.

In other words we were determining the water table. That is how we came with those two i mentioned in photos 89 and 90. That digital equipment was helping us read all the coordinates and profiles of the different areas. The gentle man you see taking notes is our technician who is now preparing the report.

I believe when the report comes through, you will get a more clear picture, but precisely that is what we were doing. So at least now we know where water is and when time to drill comes, we know where to do it. For the rest of the photos it was James taking around the school.

The Report will be available in two days.

Thanks again for the chance to work with you.

God bless you.


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