Drilling the Borehole

Dear Gerry,

I hope and pray all is well with you and your husband is recovering well.

Sorry for keeping you waiting. Surely this sort of excitement can keep you awake. The good news I have for you though is we struck water at the point we surveyed and all is going on well. Yes you are going to give them a gift any person alive would wish to have. We all know that water is life….so you are giving them a lease of good life. This dream soon is to become reality and all thanks and praise go the Lord for using you to make it happen.

It is indeed an honour working with the less privileged because it is more or less a calling from God. I wish many people with the capacity to help would share the same vision with you. You are such an inspiration. Thank you so much.

Meanwhile here are some pictures taken by the field head during the drilling process. I was unable to travel to Kamuli due to engagements at office. I also took some yesterday when an excited James was talking to the supervisor and also for you to see where the borehole will be exactly. That blue pipe is the hole we drilled and its where the water is.

Later on I will upload two video for you on you tube. Right now the internet is very bad yet I need some good connection.

All in all we are progressing well. Right now we have given the hole time to dry up and the gravel to hold the (casings) pipes together before we do pump testing and borehole setup. Friday is when we plan to do this phase.

Because we were so cautious about the water quality and yield/quantity to last for many years no matter whether the water table rises or goes low, we drilled exactly 80meters and cased it to the depth of 36meters. With this we guarantee you a good quality borehole to last for a very long time.

And if in future you happen to put an electric pump, there will be no need for a change in design. This design is for a multi-purpose water source as required by government of Uganda.

Here are the pictures and I hope you will enjoy them:

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