I have arrived at my second home – St James!

When James asked me when I would be arriving at St James I had said lunchtime, 1ish. Alex and I were ready by 9.30 which is very unusual, and with the new Jinja to Kamuli road open we made it well before 11. Even the track to St James had been flattened though not tarmaced which was a great improvement to the potholed mud track of past years where I sometimes had to get out and walk and the children came and carried my luggage because vehicles couldn’t get through!

Because we arrived early the new big red gates were closed only leaving the pedestrian door open, so I went to open the big gates. As I was ducking my head (I have learnt through painful experience how small these doors are!) I heard and excited ‘Mum you’re here!’ Swinging his body down, up and sideways (hope you can visualise this!) he approached me and gave me the best hug, all the time chuckling with delight.

Sixteen year old Grace has been with St James right from when we first opened in 2008, he is now at senior school but spends his spare time here helping James. He has become so much a part of this family that he has been invited to James’ son Eric’s wedding on Saturday.

Once Alex had parked up and we had closed the gates again Grace walked with me to find James, his arms around my shoulders the whole time. If anyone is short of hugs do come to St James!

As I approached the office block where I knew James was because his pink crocs that are several sizes too small for him, were outside. I just called ‘Good morning Mr Mutyaba’. ‘Oh Gerreeeeeeeeeeeeeee’ came the reply. It was so good to see him again and to be welcomed home!

After sitting in his office for a while, Alex joining us, we got the few orphans still here to carry all my bags into the Library, my bedroom! I’m going to leave this now as the power is almost out and the sun is going down.

I will catch up with you tomorrow. x

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