Grace to the rescue!

When I got under my brand new mosquito net last night I soon realised I was not alone. A critter that looked just like a cockroach was madly flying around and hit me several times in the face! I gave it several wallops with my hands, holding the net up and aiming it out and eventually I got rid of it!

But other than that I had a really good night sleep though when I first laid down I doubted that was going to be the case as the new mattress I had asked James to buy for me was rock hard and my back was aching but surprisingly I slept soundly so it must have been ok!

I did wake up briefly to take advantage of the internet which you may have noticed on the previous email but then went to sleep again until 9. James said he was beginning to worry about ‘his sister’ as I am usually up with the sun at 7.

It’s has been a wonderful day today, mostly peaceful and relaxing though I have had quite a few visitors. Teachers and people from the community came to welcome and thank me. I must pass on that thanks to you all!

There are now only the five of us here plus the animal – James, me, Grace, Fatuma my maid and Livingstone who has no relatives that are able to take him during the holidays so he is living permanently at St James. The compound is looking amazing and Hambridge Hall ‘very grand’ as James keeps saying. I will tell you about everything over the following days as it is getting late and I have to get up early tomorrow for the wedding. We leave before 8.

But first I must tell you about an incident today. Late this afternoon I had come in to prepare everything for tomorrows early start when I heard a loud buzzing and looked up to find a swarm of bees above my head! James had gone to rest as he is not too well at the moment so I called for Grace who came running in. He immediately took action instructing me to get out quickly and to stay well away then he disappeared for a few minutes.

I was wondering what was going on when he hurtled around the corner with Livingstone in hot pursuit both carrying dried banana fronds. Grace struggled to light the leaves with a match then the flames caught and flew up way high! He entered the room with the torch almost catching the door curtain alight, and then proceeded to smoke the bees out. Now and again he would come out for air and go to another area of the building.

In the meantime Livingstone had the job of being in the room on his knees using his bare hands to stamp out the little fires that kept erupting. I watched from afar and within minutes the most of the bees were out and the clean-up operation began. The boys with brushes and then Fatuma followed with water and cloth. By this time James had appeared and was wondering what was going on. I told him that his boys had come to my rescue and all was well. I really am looked after well here!

I will hopefully be back tomorrow night with news about the wedding. Even James has never been to a Muslim wedding to it should be interesting, long but interesting!

Bye for now!

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