At last, little about St James

I apologise for not being in touch since I arrived at St James. We have been so busy with one thing or another including just sitting, relaxing and trying to keep cool as now we are away from the cool breezes of Lake Victoria and the Nile the heat has intensified! Even James bathes in cold water several times a day and tells me it will get even hotter in January!

Each day brings visitors to greet me, many the parents of children who come to the school already and others who want their children to attend St James. Otherwise it is very quiet here with just James, Fatuma my ‘maid’ and ten year old Livingstone who has no relatives who want him and James could not find a foster home for him for the holiday period.

James was told he was lazy, disobedient and rude but I have seen no sign of this. With James’ fatherly love and guidance he has found a real home. He has had little education as no-one wanted to spend time or money on him but here he is learning fast and not just his ABC! James is training him to look after the chicken project in George’s Den and he delighted in showing me around.

The building has been improved for the birds with concrete floor covered in maize husks and plastered walls so no termites can enter. Most of the chickens were out and about, really free range but there were two hens sitting on large batches of eggs.

James will be selling some of the chickens over the Christmas period as he gets a good price and this applies to the goats too then he will buy more in the New Year when prices are low. So I hope those of you who have sponsored an animal won’t mind waiting for a photo until then!

The pigs are few at the moment as we needed to build a better sty for them which we have been gradually doing. Hopefully this will hopefully be completed by the time I leave with many new piglets moved in. No one likes to work over the two weeks of Christmas but James is making arrangements for the work to start on the piggery immediately afterwards. This applies to Joy Clinic too.

The roof is now on the two consulting rooms at the front of the building but we need to complete the delivery room and sickbay at the rear. Thanks to all of you who have contributed in some way big or small. I am always telling friends of St James, particularly children that every penny really does come out here and is spent very wisely!

Be back very soon I hope!


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