Christmas Day Part Four – A Nile Beer at Mirembe Bar to celebrate Christmas and the wonderful day I have had!

It was getting on to dusk by the time we reached Innocents bar, Mirembe means peace by the way! My Nile was ice cold as I like it; James enjoyed a Mountain Dew soda and Innocent a small Guinness! I got out of my rucksack a well travelled box of mince pies and a box of snacks to have with our Christmas drinks.

They both disappeared swiftly! I gave Innocent a few Christmas gifts, one a tray with a message of friendship printed on it. Innocent enjoys poetry and we have a good friendship so this was an ideal gift for him, and his business! I’ve actually written a newsletter about Innocent which I have yet to send you so you will learn more about him when I do!

James and I spent a ‘happy hour’, quite literally, with the beer very cheap at 3000 Ugx a pint 75p, chatting to Innocent and watching the world go by. Long horned cows passed very close to our table along with herd of goats pulling a young boy along.

They knew their way home! Many people passed us in colourful clothes returning from their Christmas day some getting off and one the taxi buses loaded with produce including live chickens, probably a gift from their relatives. I treated Innocent to a small Guinness, his favourite though he doesn’t normally drink on duty. He was often jumping up to serve customers or see to those who were wanting to play pool.

As dusk stared to fall across the swamp it was time to head home for our last Christmas celebration. Young Livee had spent Christmas alone at St James, looking after the animals. He would not have found this strange as many people here in Uganda don’t know the material side of Christmas, it is just another day. I did feel guilty though but was determined to make it up to him when we had our Christmas meal together.

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