Christmas Day Part Three – Football Match – Poynton v Wanyange (Nakakabala v Jinja)

It was a colourful sight as usually I only see these people dressed in one colour, mud brown! The balls at St James, gifts from Richmond Rovers were worn out so a search was started for a replacement.

It took a while to find the ball. In the meantime James and I returned to the field and sat at a school desk at the side of the pitch talking to the team and the spectators, many of them children. It was threatening rain and we had no coats but we were lucky it just stayed cloudy, ideal for me out in the open.

Poynton looked very smart in the red and black strip given to them by Poynton Football Club at home! The ones who didn’t have the shirts played bare-chested and of course nearly all were bare footed too! The opposing team wore a mix of colours. I had made up two paper banners one saying ‘POYNTON OYEE’ which is the local footy chant and another saying ‘2 4 6 8 who do we appreciate POYNTON!’

I tried to explain this one but realising most watching couldn’t read or speak English I gave up, though one of the spectators ran and jumped with it in his hands the whole match! I had also brought a few party hooters that my friend Bridget Ferguson had given me but soon regretted it as there was a constant loud hooting throughout the match but everyone was happy including James and I as Poynton won 4-2!

The game was fast and furious with the young men being so athletic! James asked me to give an after match talk and I also Julius the captain 20,000 shillings to treat everyone to a soda. It was another enjoyable experience to add to my achievements!

People were not the only spectators, a few cows dotted the sidelines some with long horns and goats kept wandering onto the pitch but this all added to the atmosphere, for me anyway as I don’t think anyone else noticed!

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