A wonderful surprise!

A wonderful surprise!

I received a wonderful surprise today but not one I am allowed to bring home! Read on to find out what my surprise was….

Sunday 28th January sat under my mosquito net feeling very tired from my journey out to Uganda yesterday, a sleepless night and a very enjoyable but exhausting day with my friend Richard (not his real name) and his lovely family. I met Richard on my first visit to Uganda in 2002. He ‘showed me the ropes’ so to speak and helped to sow the seeds for my love of Uganda and its people. Richard is now married to Kevin (a lady!) and works for a Ugandan charity that helps children orphaned by Aids and they often have a houseful! In 2008 they had a child of their own and I was very honoured that she was named Gerry Mukisa (Blessed!). Two years later Caleb was born but unfortunately he contracted measles and died at only a few months old. Then in 2013 Amazing Grace (they call her Amazing!) brought much joy to the family and she is turning into a wonderful bundle of mischief who loves to dance! Permanently living with them are Dorcas 11 and Hope 9. They also have children staying for short periods of time while they find foster homes.

This morning I had the usual welcome from the children, especially Gerry Mukisa. Her little sister Amazing hid for a little while unused to a white face though Richard had been showing her photos of me. In fact there is one on their wall of me with the whole family a couple of years ago and Amazing insists that Gerry Mukisa is her! Now I am telling you all this as it is connected with my surprise! Shortly after I settled on their sofa crowded in by the children who were singing to me, Richard asked Kevin to go and fetch my surprise. The children went all coy then giggly. I wondered what on earth this surprise could be. Kevin came in carrying my surprise, their new baby son Jedi, I think short for Jedidiah! I am so pleased for them as they were so devastated when little Caleb died.

Sierra Exif JPEG

I treated us all to a soda – Hope, Amazing Grace, Gerry Mukisa and Dorcus

Sierra Exif JPEG

My surprise – Baby Jed!

Kevin and the older girls cooked a lovely meal while the younger ones took me to see their other additions to the family, piglets, lots of them! After lunch they asked for a game of dominoes which they know I always carry with me. I have given them a set but I doubt if they use them, they make up their own games.

Sierra Exif JPEG

Dominoes is always a favourite

Before I leave they always like to perform for me, singing and dancing. Traditional and modern, some learnt, some made up, just like our children in the UK. I found it hard to keep a straight face watching Amazing trying and often succeeding to keep up with her big sisters! I hope to put some video on YouTube. Enjoy!

Sierra Exif JPEG

They love to sing and dance!

Sierra Exif JPEG

Certainly a posed shot!

Mum Kevin shared out the fizzy Haribo from the UK love the expressions on their faces, and then it was time to say goodbye for another year!

Sierra Exif JPEG

Mum Kevin shared out the fizzy sweets. Love their expressions!

The day I first introduced Hope and Gerry Mukisa to fizzy sweets!

The day I first introduced Hope and Gerry Mukisa to fizzy sweets!

Oh yes I forgot to say. There are posters everywhere of all the candidates for the national and local elections and several were stuck to Richards house. I asked him who he would be voting for and he pointed to the poster. It took a few seconds for me to realise who the photo on the poster was – it was him! He was too serious for me to recognise him! He will make a great Local Councillor!

Sierra Exif JPEG

Family photo. Children Hope, Gerry Mukisa, Jed, Amazing Grace and Dorcus

I’m not sure how to add YouTube video clips so I think you may need to copy and paste them!

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