Fun and games!

Fun & games!

The children had done well writing the letters so fun and games was called for! Firstly marble painting – they loved it and used up all the paper I had brought with me! Then the good old favourite, the Hokey Cokey. Whatever I do they enjoy and hopefully improve on their English language and understanding! I think they will remember their legs and arms now!!!

We finished with the Jambo Song, a song that was taught to me in Uganda by James’ daughter Moureen, then I brought it back to the UK in 2003 and taught it to many children and I’m still doing so! Of course it lives on out here too each time I visit. Even the youngest child can pick the words and actions up easily. Jambo UK Friendship Schools!


2 thoughts on “Fun and games!

  1. Hazel Sabin says:

    Good to see you are up to your usual fun & games, Gerry!Best wishes to James and for the future of the school under new managementHazel


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