Beautiful gifts for beautiful people

Beautiful gifts for beautiful people- 1

I’ve been gradually giving out the clothes and shoes that you donated. The ‘Bless you Madam’, smiles and hugs I receive show how much your generosity means to these people. So thank you from me too! Innocent’s immediate neighbours are extremely poor so once I had made friends which wasn’t difficult as they are such a lovely family,

Many of the people I meet only have the clothes they stand up in and maybe, if they are lucky, ‘Sunday’ clothes. The little family that live near Innocent is one example. Lydia and Richard and their toddlers Gester and Gift live in a tiny and very simple home. Richard is a boda boda (motorbike) taxi man so will hopefully bring in enough to feed his family, but nothing for extras such as clothes or shoes or even medical help. They looked upon me with curiosity when I first moved into Innocents home. In fact Gift screamed and ran away! But when they saw me every day, we exchanged greetings and they saw me doing my own washing they relaxed and had lots of smiles and laughs for me as I was coming and going. Young Gester often crept in to say hi too! I need say no more about this family, just look at the photos! I got Judith to come and help me sort clothes out for them. As you see from the photos, they were very happy to receive them!








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