7 Hands of Friendship from Hollies Pre-School in Poynton

Thank you Hollies Pre-School in Poynton for your Hands of Friendship and the mosquito nets some of your mums and dads and teachers have bought for the children in Uganda. These photos start in the school office – my teacher friends might find it quite interesting! They loved the Friendship Tree of hands you made for them and have sent their own hands of friendship back to you. It was the first time they had ever painted! Of course we had to play the Hokey Cokey and sing the Jambo Song but they are not as good as you yet! Handa’s Surprise made them smile. They looked so shocked as all the animals stole the fruit! See you all when I get back to Poynton. Sending lots of Jambo’s from Uganda! Just click on the first photo to view.




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