Current news! One hundred mosquito nets delivered and a new project!More updates from my latest visit to Uganda soon!

AMAZING! Last weekend one hundred more mosquito nets were delivered to those who really need them in the village of Kitayundwa in Uganda. All thanks to many of you who have been donating since I returned from Uganda in October. Yes AMAZING!

My friend Godfrey Mwase and his children Amasa 18 and Abi 15 delivered the nets this last weekend to the village of Kitayudwa in Uganda. Amasa wrote this touching message on Facebook: ‘Love is the driving force in all things we do. giving is one thing and blessing is another. thanx to Gerry Hambridge & friends many lives have been saved from malaria. Thanx to dad and abi too plus jajja for the big hand. lets build uganda together.’

Godfrey shared with me the conditions some members of the community were living in and this one stood out: ‘This was one of the most captivating visit. The old man is called Moses who had mental problem but can communicate quite well. He speaks very good English and from his story he must have had a good education. Well he lives by himself in a small hut that is hidden in a thick sugar cane plantation. He cannot walk but he looks after himself in a way you can’t understand. He doesn’t have a  bed or mattress. He had some rugs that he uses as a bed and that is where we hung his donated Net. Amasa felt so touched about this situation and decided to bring his old school mattress and a blanket to Moses on the next visit. I was impressed by the kind of experience the children had while we did the deliveries. How they felt they needed to help and share their love in the community was so touching. They have asked to take most of the  things we don’t use in the house to give out again this Christmas. We shall do that as we saw the need in the village.’ ………….I think I can feel a small project coming on…..a new roof for Moses!

Thanks for continuing to help out with my Uganda projects. Lots done but still lots to do…….and I love it!!

Have a lovely Christmas and a fun filled new year 2017. The mosquito nets were a wonderful Christmas gift for these people!

Love and hugs to you all.


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