Update on Moses via Amasa

In my last post I told you about Moses who Godfrey and his family came across when they were giving out the mosquito nets you had donated. Young Amasa and his sister Abi were deeply affected by the conditions Moses was living in. The very leaky on his tiny home, only one set of rags as clothes and no bed not even a matress to sleep on! Amasa got his dad to drive back again this last weekend (and its a long drive!) so he could give Moses some clothes and his old school matress and as you can see by the photos these simple gifts put a smile on his face. Amasa’s comment on his Facebook page was this ‘God has a way he does his things. A few moments ago this gentleman, Moses Buteraba, was sleeping on hard wood and some funny rugs. But tonight he surely will have his best ever. Non of us knew he was there but God did so people lets put our effort together and help the needy.’ Amasa has given Moses back his dignity, now I hope we can help give him a more comfortable home.

I asked Godfrey to find out a little more about Moses and in the following blog I will share his story.

Click on photo for more info

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