Moses update – can we do this?

Dear friends firstly I want to wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Do you remember me telling you the story of Moses the elderly disabled man who was discovered living in a terrible state when my friends in Uganda were delivering mosquito nets before Christmas?

Amasa when he first met Moses while delivering mosquito net.

Well on the 22nd January the walls of his old dwelling are being transferred to a plot near relatives where he will be cared for at last after the terrible time he has endured in recent years. BUT I need to raise money for the work and for the materials needed. I have donated £40 from not sending Christmas cards and sending my greetings online instead this year, but would be very grateful for your help please.

For example we need to buy 10 corrugated iron sheets for the roof @ 26,000 each (£5); 30 ‘roof timbers’ at 12,000 (£2.50); as well as nails. cement, etc. If you can help me to give this dear old man a roof over his head then please get in touch with me for how to donate. I will make a point of visiting Moses when I go out to Uganda in July but in the mean time would love to make him more comfortable.

FYI Please scroll down and read the initial blogs about Moses along with the photos. I look forward to your response. X

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