Moses the elderly man who was found living alone in a terrible condition, has now been moved to temporary accommodation awaiting his new home. The bricks from his old home have been transferred to a new site near his brother Asenge who will help rebuild the walls and will also care for Moses from now on. The family and community he was living near when we first met him refused to help him as they thought he was mad! If you remember he had been robbed and beaten and left physically and mentally disabled, he is not mad! Unfortunately lack of education in many rural areas in Uganda leads to much misunderstanding and suspicion of ‘evil spirits’. (Please take a look at the previous posts from 20/12/17 (x2) & 9/1/18 to see the story of Moses)

Thanks to those of you who have already contributed to helping Moses. I have received £120 so far of the £150 needed to rebuild the walls of his his home and put on a new roof as his original one was full of holes! It would be wonderful if you could make a small donation towards this new home for Moses please.  We need to buy 10 corrugated iron sheets for the roof @ 26,000 Ugandan Shillings each (£5); 30 ‘roof timbers’ at 12,000 Ugx (£2.50); as well as nails. cement, etc. Do get in touch if you can help.

Hopefully we can eventually raise a little more cash to cover the mud floor with concrete and plaster the walls. My friend Godfrey has told me that Moses was ‘all smiles’ when he realised what was happening. These recent photos of him certainly show him looking much happier!

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