And now – Handwash facilities for Brain Trust Primary School, Nawanyago!

Dear friends, I mentioned in my last post that I would make enquiries about providing facilities for hand washing at the school and as soon as I spoke to my wonderful friend Innocent about it, no sooner did I get the information. And, within a week of asking he had bought the materials, constructed, delivered and installed three sets of handwash facilities, one at each latrine block and one in the kitchen area. Everyone was so pleased with these gifts especially the children who may not have even seen or used a tap before! As you see by the photos and the two video they were very excited! Innocent was taking the video and I noted that he instructed them to turn off the tap between use. After all they will have to collect the water from the borehole each day! So a good job has been done by all, especially Trust Greenbelt who provided 80% of the cost and Innocent Kayondo who justly deserves the title of Project Manager – I couldn’t do without his dedication, hard work and honesty! Particularly honesty as it is not always easy to find in Uganda! Innocent doesn’t see this website but I have thanked him on WhatsApp and will be thanking him in person when I return to Uganda in June. ENJOY THE VIDEOS!


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