Children celebrate their new school hall and community church!

What a difference! The children and teachers at Brain Trust Primary and Secondary School had a lovely surprise when they returned to school at the beginning of their new school year at the start of this month, February. They not only have new latrines but also their school hall which doubles as a community church has a strong new roof supported by concrete posts, a big improvement from the bits of sacking attached to unstable tree ‘poles’! I want to thank Trust Greenbelt, the charitable giving side of the music festival held at Boughton House each August Bank Holiday weekend, once again for financing both the latrines and the hall roof. Both have added a lot of relief and pleasure for all members of the school. I look forward to sitting in comfort while teaching under the new hall roof instead of chasing the shade or shelter around as I had to do during my last visit in October 2017! These simple improvements also better the status of the school within the area and encourage teachers to come to work there.                       Thanks must also go to my young friend Innocent Kayondo who has organise all the work and seen it through to its conclusion. Innocent is now looking at the cost of simple hand washing facilities which are so important.

The recent changes at Brian Trust in photos x 2. Firstly the latrines, then the hall roof: Please click on first photo of each set to move through slideshow and to see captions.



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