23/6 last episode of this particular cars saga!

3 pm – We’re out of the flood and delivering nets again! But the internet was much better when we were in the water!!!

An hour later this is what I reported – I thought we were ‘out of the water’ as we got on and delivered some nets but now the battery is flat!!! Thank goodness one of the young friends I have helping me is a trained mechanic! He was permanently disabled when knocked down by a car and completely lost the use of one arm and partially a leg but guess what, he has just fixed the car with no tools and is driving! You’ll be pleased to hear I have organised another vehicle for tomorrow if I survive!

And then, guess what? We had to return the same way, through the flood! But this time my one armed hero Fazie is driving. Thank goodness its an automatic!

and lastly – Just helped push the car back though the flood! Yes it got stuck again! Thanks to the walking sandles I’ve had since climbing Kilimanjaro in 2001, I stayed upright! Im enjoying my nice cool feet now! Thank you to my friends Innocent, Charles the head teacher and Fazie my disabled but extremely able friend who is now driving me home! What a day!

Last posts from a very chaotic day – I can see the main road home but we’ve just run out of fuel so Innocent has gone off with a can to find some! Apparently the petrol station is not far away thank goodness!

We are back!! The dead bear has been replaced where it belongs and I can’t wait to have a ‘polite’ word with Livingstone when he comes to collect his pile of junk! I know we have been laughing all day and I wouldn’t have missed the fun and companionship BUT that man actually put our lives at risk, in oarticular mine as, if it hadn’t had the forethought to take four 1.5 litre bottles of water with us along with bananas and other snacks and other items, I for one could have been made quite poorly! The good news is that we are home safe and sound and dear Judith Innocent’s mum has made lunch of four pots! We will be having another meal of similar portions tonight! It is 17.23 now!

Just before we went to return the car I had to get a phto of it and my trusty team Innocent, Fazie and Charles! Doing what they are good at, pushing!!


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