24/06 Same project, different car!

Well that was a much calmer, constructive and productive day, though maybe not quite so many laughs as yesterday and certainly no paddling in flood water to cool me down! Today we delivered over fifty nets compared to less than twenty yesterday. We had an extra pair of hands too, John Baptist Zaake who I have known since 2002 when he was twelve and living in the children’s home where I spent my first stay in Uganda. It’s lovely being able to keep up with some of these young people watching them grow into fine adults and parents. John is now has a wife and son. It’s like coming home every year when we meet up. John’s job today was to explain to the receivers of the nets how to look after them, washing them only occasionally and very gently, hanging them in the shade to dry, not the sun as that has an effect on the chemicals the nets are treated with. We want the nets you have generously donated to last as long as possible!     One thing that was rather tiring for the boys was that the ‘new’ car had its problems too! Alex had told me that it had a small problem starting – that was very understating! Firstly we realised that the spare wheel had been stolen from the car which I had parked right outside my window overnight – bit spooked by that as it feels as if someone has been watching me, and I’m sure they have! People are so poor here that unfortunately some will take advantage of any chance to make money! I had to be push started by the boys as we realised the battery was dead and when we went to the local petrol station it stalled again! The whole day was spent trying not to let the car stop which was very difficult with the tracks we were following. In second it had no hope so I was keeping it in first a lot of the time which of course is not good for any vehicle! The boys advised me that from now on I should park the car in the petrol station overnight as the armed guard would look after it for 2000 Ugandan Shillings (40p!). I was a bit dubious about this but I have learnt to trust my young friends, after all they live here! I asked Innocent to tell the Askari that I would give him a bonus at the end of the week and he was very happy with that and the car was looked after very well – his bonus was 10,000 (£2) and he was over the moon with that!

Guess what? I’m there again! The bar where the best internet is. Ok I do have a beer in front of me and my team is enjoying a Nile too! Click on the first photo to see slideshow x



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