My niece Mailies is going to Uganda!

In less than a week today on 4th August my lovely niece Mailies leaves Capetown, South Africa after a year studying at the university and she’s coming home to continue her studies at Leeds university, via Uganda!

After avidly following the stories of my life in Uganda over the years, Mailies wants to experience a little of it too, meet the lovely people who make up my Ugandan family, stay in their homes and gain an understanding of the daily struggle they and many in their local communities face.

Mailies will spend most of her two weeks living in the rural areas I call my second home and I would love for her to be able to deliver a few mosquito nets, to those who still do not have one. Since I started this project in September 2017, (only last year!), with your wonderful help, my young Ugandan friends and I have delivered 800 nets! I would love Mailies to have the opportunity to participate in my project even for a short time and deliver a few more of this life saving gift.

If you wish to, and are able, please could you spare just £5 to sponsor a net? You will receive a personalised photo of your net with those who receive your special gift, which will help them avoid the miseries of Malaria and could possibly save their lives!

Please message me on here or email me on


PS Sorry I am rather slow at catching up with all the news from my recent stay in Uganda. I will get round to it, I promise! My excuse is that since Mailies announced she was able to visit Uganda I have been working constantly to organise my friends and family there to give the best experience they can in the time allowed. Mailies is going to spend most of her time in rural Uganda just like I do and I am sure the experience will live in her memory for life!


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