Jackfruit burgers!

Yesterday I watched Food Unwrapped Diet Special, Channel 4, from 3rd January, where they showed how jackfruit, the biggest fruit in the world, and abundant in Uganda, can be used as a meat substitute to make what apparently looks and tastes just like pulled pork and makes great burgers! Text continues below photos.

(I’ve noted down the recipe if you want it!)

Then today I was sent this photo of Paul, one of my young friends in Uganda, who had been working with his mum in the fields and was walking home carrying a jackfruit! He has told me that it is the jackfruit season and there are many many ripe for eating. No one goes hungry during the jackfruit season! Paul has promised that there will still be some for me when I go to Uganda next month! Perhaps I’ll have to have a go at making jackfruit pulled pork while I am there!

One thought on “Jackfruit burgers!

  1. Susan Davies says:

    Hi Gerry Hope you, Norman & your family are keeping well. My mum, Beryl, is in Hope Green Care Home, Adlington. She is well & happy. Please could you let me know what you use to stop mosquito bites & where you buy it from? Do you still go swimming? I’ve been going later in the day. Look forward to hearing from you.

    Love Sue XXx


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