Happy New Year and I’m off to Uganda!

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all, my lovely friends and supporters of my work in Uganda! My flights are booked for 22nd February when I will be flying off to spend a month in Uganda, living and working with and for local communities. Once again I am asking for your support please to enable me to deliver a little help to those who need it. There are several ways you can help:

Firstly, my ongoing project to provide more people in the area I work in with a mosquito net at £5 each so that they will be protected from the Malarial mosquito is so important, in fact lifesaving as more people particularly the very young and elderly, die of Malaria than any other disease in Uganda and most people are too poor to purchase their own net. So please if you would like to sponsor one or more nets from yourself or on behalf of your friends or relatives I would be so grateful as will the recipients of your gift?

OR help Brain Trust Nursery and Primary School to provide a good education for the four hundred children who attend the school by doing one or more of the following:

Sponsor a desk for £20 so that every child can sit comfortably in their lessons just like our children in the UK do, and have your name painted on it.

or Sponsor a teaching chart or several books both for £5, the school has very few.

To see photos from my previous visits of sponsored gifts being delivered or used please scroll down to the end of this script.

In exchange for your sponsorship you will be emailed a personalised photo of your sponsored net with their recipients. Or a photo of your named desk, books or teaching charts with children at the school, which I will take while I am out in Uganda. Please message on here or email me at gerrysuganda@gmail.com with your name OR the name of the person you are purchasing this gift on behalf of and whose name you would like in the photo or painted on the desk. Also if you wish any greeting such as ‘Happy Birthday’ to be added.

Please see donation page for details of how to pay, by cash, cheque or bank transfer

Thank you for your interest and amazing support for my Uganda projects. Hope to hear from you very soon.


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