Chicken tonight!!!

Yesterday I was just about to walk down to school when Innocent’s mum Judith called me back saying ‘What about your cock Madam Gerry?’ I hadn’t realised that for three days this poor cockerel had been waiting for me to decide its fateful day! Judith, Innocent’s mum, had brought it as a gift from the village community where she lives. She told me how ‘appreciating’ her community is of the mosquito 🦟 nets we gave them last year. There has been far less sickness and they haven’t had to find money for medicines and hospital bills. This is all the proof I need that you and I are doing the right thing! Asante sana! Thank you very much!

I found myself massaging his neck and apologising!

Sometime later –
Baby Norman gets introduced to the dinner his mum will be having later!

Even the youngest get to know where their food comes from. Guster, six, will actually help!

Alex’s chore! Bye bye cock!

Once plucked, its skin is singed over the charcoal to get rid of any feather spines then dissected for cooking.










When I eventually left for school a group of children in Brain Trust uniform passed me going in the opposite direction. They got so excited calling out Teacher Gerry until their voices disappeared into the distance. Meanwhile I concentrated on navigating the rough road trying not to trip over rocks or sprain my ankle on the deeply rutted dry mud, and  at the same time watch I don’t get knocked down by boda biked whizzing by far too close for comfort! I suddenly caught sight of children following me and realised it was the same children as before, they had come back. They followed me all the way. I felt like the Pied Piper! As I was sitting chatting to Mr Charles he informed me that they had been sent home again because they didn’t pay their fees! I know this happens frequently in Ugandan schools, even the government schools expect them to pay for certain items. But if their parents don’t have money because the crops have failed then that’s it! There’s no ‘social’ in Uganda!

I hope they’re back next week!

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