Two lots of good news

(Delayed because of big storms affecting internet!)

Two lots of good news:

Firstly, I’ve been meaning to put on this blog that the extreme heat 🥵 here that I read about and my 😃Ugandan friends told me about started to disappear the day after I arrived, thank goodness! There were tremendous night-time storms two days running and I was lying in bed firstly in Kampala then in Jinja waiting for the homes I was staying in to blow away!! The following day there were big trees down, rooftops blown off and I learnt when I are here in Nawanyago part of the roofs on two classrooms had blown away! But I have benefited so much from these storms as have everyone else as they can now start planting after four months of drought!

Dear Innocent had been concerned too and had built me a beautiful thatched shelter to keep me cool, called Gerry’s Plaza!

Looking towards Gerry’s Plaza from Innocents home

So cool and comfortable









Innocent is now fixing up an extension lead for me. He’s a real hero!

Guster and his little sister Gifty sometimes join  me in Gerry’s Plaza to look at books donated from children in the UK.

They had never experienced a book before not even knowing how to use them.

Guster playing with an old tyre off his dad’s motorcycle. His dad is a boda taxi man

Secondly, amazingly, donations have been pouring in and I can now report that out of the 226 mosquito nets needed to reach the 1000 I only have 34 needing sponsorship! I am sooooooo grateful! Please, if you haven’t already donated this year please do! At £5 for each life saving net it really is money well spent. Thank you 😊 Happy Sunday from rural Uganda x


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