The newest member of the family arrives at Innocents

Soon after I came home from a morning at school Mum Judith (Innocents Mum) informs me ‘the master wants you’. The master is what she calls him in fun. I go outside to find the newest member of the family legs tied together, sat on Innocents lap on the back of a boda taxi bike! Meet Marie the calf!

Why Marie, well she is one special lady to Innocent and this calf was a Christmas gift from her and her lovely family. Marie when older will provide milk a valuable source of protein.

It was a real battle to get her off the bike and Innocent almost lost her when she escaped when tying her to a tree but they both survived. Judith brought a bowl of soapy water out for the calf and explained they just like soap!!

Written at 5 am today! Marie is mooing right outside my window. I’m sure she’s missing her mum!

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