The desks have arrived

The desks have arrived

Thank you Sheila Knotts for our new desk and mosquito nets

The children say thank you to their friends at St Paul’s Catholic School in Poynton for our mosquito nets, desks, charts and books.

Thank you Rose for buying charts. They will make our lessons more interesting.

Thank you Pamela!

Our new desk sponsored by Cath Lawson is much better than writing with our book on our knees sat on a bench. Thank you!

Thank you Jeannie & Roger!


Fiona Moyes and George donated this desk along with mosquito nets and books. Thanks for the stickers you gave to Madam Gerry too, we love them!

Aunt Susan Hampton- Kenny donated this desk to dear Oscar. Thank you xx

Helping move piles of bricks mostly with bare feet and a smile 😊

Another desk being labelled, this one to Anne Holder a great supporter of Madam Gerry’s work out in Uganda. Thank you 😊 Anne! X

This young man is an artist and uses this skill to earn a living

Thank you Anne!

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