Early morning in Kasozi village

Early morning in Kasozi! Coolish, blue sky, animals calling, Paul setting off for the borehole (Did I really use that much water!) after taking their young bull to graze, the dry mud compound has been swept clean leaving it looking very smart with no hiding places for snakes 🐍 and I’m sat writing to you feeling GREAT after a wonderful nights sleep. Oh yes, and I’ve had my water for my tea boiled over the open fire. Megan brought a teas trainer to strain my tea bag or so I thought but then I realised it was for straining all the fire smuts out! Actually the tea tastes a bit smokey too! Ha ha!

Did I really use all that water Paul!!

I think my little teapot is a bit small for this open fire! It’s used to going on a charcoal stove!

The faithful, so far, pickup waiting to help in the mosquito net delivery today

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