Guarded well in my weekend home!

11 pm Friday- it’s been really lovely sat under the stars first eating our supper then chatting, with Paul kept busy translating. Ever since I first came for an overnight visit to Kasozi I have been very well guarded at night. My first time way back in 2009 big brother Alex had slept on a mattress by the door which he had already reinforced with an iron bar, a boulder and his motorbike that we had travelled up here on! Though there are now iron railings up at the windows and doors Paul is still guarding me by sleeping the other side of my door! I feel very safe, loved and happy. I’m finding  it sizzling hot here as they’ve not had rain for weeks and this is supposed to be the rainy season, crop planting time! Wa.

I’m settled down for the first of two nights in  my en-suite!! When I was moving in I explained my toilet to Paul & Mum so they wouldn’t be wondering how this Mzungu does ‘it’! To those of you who are new to me sharing ALL about how I cope with my visits to Uganda, I will explain. Basically the places I stay in have no running water, indoor facilities or toilets as we know them. Each have latrines in their compound which are long drop toilets with just a hole to do the necessary. With my arthritic knees I am unable to use these so had to come up with a plan or otherwise not come to Uganda which to me was unthinkable! My present ‘facility’ I keep in my room. Basically it’s the frame of an old hospital commode. I purchase biodegradable bags that fit over the seat, do what I have to do, tie a knot in the bag and drop it in the bucket ready to tip into the lat pit. Then replace the bag. Easy, convenient and good for the environment! 

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