Monday morning: sat in Gerry’s Plaza watching Innocent wash the pickup…

Monday morning: sat in Gerry’s Plaza watching Innocent wash the pickup-i don’t think it’s ever had such loving attention! I’m waiting for someone to collect it.

So I got back last night to Nawanyago which brought immediate relief to the exhaustion I was feeling mainly from the terrible dry heat of Kasozi where I had been delivering mosquito nets for two days, and the constant fear that any minute the vehicle will pack up!

I was welcomed not only by Mum Judith, Betty and little Norman but also with a wonderful thunderstorm and downpour that I enjoyed standing in!

I have to admit to finding this weekend it just a little too much for me, mentally and physically and know I must find a more practical and less stressful way to get help to these people. It’s always been my choice to go to each home, no one asked me, but the area this time was so so hot and remote, and the need even greater. I can’t even describe the poverty of these people, you have to see it to believe it.

Paul had done an amazing job surveying the area and deciding who need the nets the most, by judging their living conditions and family situation but to be honest everyone could be on that list of priority that I had asked Paul to use! It was so difficult when others practically begged for one of the nets as we were getting out at each home that was registered. I’m usually the one that can’t say no but this time it was Paul who weaken a couple of times and I had to remind him of his list and only having a certain number of nets. So difficult!

Those who did receive a net are so so grateful to you. All fell on their knees in appreciation of your gift. One lady was absent from home so we took her net back to Paul’s home. Very late that evening she turned up to collect it having walked for maybe two hours. That shows what receiving a net means! She told Paul she has to spend all day everyday guarding her rice fields chasing off the birds that would surely eat here newly planted seeds. The people know that having a net could save a lot of misery and even a life.

Thank you for the amazing support you have given which is what keeps me able to do this work and encourages me especially when I’m finding things difficult as I have done several times during this visit.

I owe my lovely family at home in Poynton so much gratitude as I know they find my time away in Uganda difficult to understand and I know they worry.

I’m also so grateful to my family here that look after me so well.

I’m resting up now for a couple of days, just a few things to do in school and then just enjoy being here with my family and the animals!

I hope you have received your photo but if not I will sort the remainder as soon as I can.

Paul is delivering the remainder of the nets by himself and I am sure he will report back as he does. I hope you have enjoyed the photos of the people who received your gift, though I still have some to send. I’m sure you realise that I cannot take photos of every net you sponsored but I can assure you that if you donated one or a hundred and one each and every one is delivered.

Jambo from Uganda 🇺🇬

We did it!!!

Thank you all so much for your support. It’s been an exhausting day! Once or twice Paul said ‘Mum you’re tired we should go home’. But I really wanted to hit that 1000 before the sun set and we did! I’m so pleased some of you heard even just a little of the celebration! If you’re on WhatsApp let me know and I can share it.

Thank you to Peter Gate who made the 1000 happen by donating the 11 nets needed and to Jackie Gallagher a day later who offered the same. Jackie if the offer is still on please will you be the first of the next 1000?

Love and 🤗 to you all from a now clean and waiting for an ice cold Nile to arrive! Paul is on his bike on his way now to get it! X I will sleep very well tonight!

Lots of photos still to come by the way so don’t think you’ve been forgotten, well I hope you haven’t!! It just takes time, power (only solar here) and of course the internet!

Another net delivery

Thanks Pauline for giving me your sewing machine to sell

Homes nearby

Sweet potatoes

It’s wonderful to see more nets being donated. Paul is using charcoal to write the names

These children are sharing the fizzer sweets I bought. Must bring more next year!


Thank you Marton Primary in Macclesfield

The clan leader Chairman Fred. He got me to sign the Visitors Book and then expressed his gratitude to all those helping his village

The children waiting for their sweet share!

The cabbage man!

These children are using a long sharp knife to make vegetable dolls !

A typical homestead

Jack fruit waiting on our return

Here we go again!!

Here we go again!!!!  Paul and I did some very local deliveries on foot first thing this morning then went to prepare the pickup for this afternoon and guess what? It wouldn’t start, not a flicker!!! I said some words very quietly to myself then just laughed! What is it with me and Ugandan vehicles?!

He gathered three men, and must have been ten or more children of varying ages, to push me up to the top of the front compound and down several times to try and start it but with no luck. So up and out onto the road and, they got up so much speed it worked! Just hope it starts this afternoon!

But this vehicle is still an improvement on the last two, it’s safe! It doesn’t have seat belts, none of the dials work so I have no idea about speed or fuel, the doors only open when the windows are at a certain level,  you have to slam the doors to shut them (and not a gentle slam!), it won’t lock and……regularly it hadn’t started! But I am very grateful!