I love Spring, and singing!

I do love Spring……..and singing! Just got back from a walk round the fields but without the usual doggie friend. It’s great having one stay as it gets me some exercise and fresh air, and of course raises money for mosquito nets and my other projects in Uganda. Just lately we’ve had charge of Roger, Florence, Isla, Gonzo and Socrates the cat, though Socrates prefers his solitary walks! Today I was singing my heart out as I walked briskly along going quiet as anyone approached me. It was only when I passed a man and his dog for the second time I realised I hadn’t been as quiet as i thought as he was happily humming Drea-ea-ea-ea-eam, dream dream dream!! Looking forward to having Bob next week but I might keep up the singing too!! Please get in touch if you would like ‘your best friend’ to stay with us for a few hours or a few days in exchange of a donation to Uganda. x

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