Change of plan

Dear Friends
I’ve decided not to go ahead with my idea to build a four-room classroom block at Brain Trust Nursery and Primary School, Uganda. One reason for this change of plan is that very few people backed the idea by pledging the finance needed but, probably just as important, I felt in my heart, and eventually my head(!) that I really didn’t want to take on another large project again with the stress of a great deal of fund raising which I knew it would entail. Thank you to those who have pledged money, I hope you’re not too disappointed and that you will go on supporting my small but even more important mosquito net project that is certain to save many people from the misery of Malaria and therefore save lives.
I smile to myself when I remember just how many people now have happier healthier lives purely because of your kindness and generosity. You helped me deliver 1000 nets in just 18 months so, you might know what I’m thinking, could we deliver another 1000 nets by 2021, the year I turn 70? I’m all for it if you are!
I shall be returning to Uganda in February but I’ve already had donations for more nets, some people wanting to use their net donation as an alternative gift for a birthday or anniversary, and of course Christmas is always approaching!! Any requests for nets to be delivered for a celebration dated between now and February are dealt with by my wonderful friends in Uganda who are always there to look after me and help on my projects.
I am still very enthusiastic about giving talks to schools and adult groups, plus of course, looking after my doggie and pussycat friends or in fact any of your family pets either in your home or for sleep overs and holidays in mine, both in exchange for a donation!

Look forward to hearing from you and ………………………. THANK YOU!

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