Arrival 28 December

Written Sunday 29th December 

I’ve made it!

After coming very close to cancelling my visit to Uganda altogether because I was exhausted from weeks of coughing and sleepless nights, I’m here feeling very much loved and cared for in the home of my very good friends the Mwase family who l will spend almost a week with, actually until next year!! The few days leading up to Christmas I had begun to feel a bit better, less coughing and even sleeping a little more but the long journey here on top of already feeling ‘washed out’ has just about finished me off! Last night staying at Banana Village I coughed all night and couldn’t imagine travelling any further but the sun streaming through the window and the fact that my friendly and reliable taxi man Charles was waiting for me outside, gave me the encouragement to get up and go, though a bit slowly!

When Charles witnessed my cough he offered to get me ‘local medicine’ and ‘biotics’ that would make me well in two days! He asked ‘Do they not have ‘biotics’ in the UK’? No good trying to explain about resistance to anti-biotics here in Uganda!

The journey from Entebbe to Jinja on the Nile was the usual tediously long one of stop start break repeat, with vehicles including the boda motorcycle taxi and local ‘suicide’ (my name for them!) mini-buses zig-zagging in and out of the traffic at breakneck speed! Going slow does award you the opportunity to take in all the typical everyday life of Africa, including the piles of mouthwatering fruit! Mangoes, watermelon, jackfruit, oranges and my favourite, pineapples! The local people here have suffered greatly in the recent floods and landslides but it seems the fruit is even more abundant and more delicious and I couldn’t resist the pineapples. Well, I’ve heard they’re very good for sore throats and coughs!

Tonight Godfrey went out specially to buy my first Nile Beer of my visit which I always look forward to but I didn’t like it! Seriously I’ve gone off beer and wine! Other than mulled wine I’ve not enjoyed any alcohol recently. Miriam said she would make me a drink that would help my cough and that I would enjoy, and I did!

New cough relief drink – squash freshly harvested pineapple in a cup of boiling water and sip. It works!!

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