First mosquito nets delivered!!

Well so far this visit to Uganda hasn’t been the best on record but I’m truly hoping that things improve soon! Basically I’ve been feeling rotten since the day I left home a week ago, seems longer. My cough turned worse as the week has gone on, I’ve lost weight (though not a bad thing!) and I’ve felt so exhausted from the minute I get up in the morning and a great deal of the day. I bought ‘over the counter’ antibiotics of which I took the last this morning and a horrible tasting cough syrup which I’m on my second bottle of. Two nights ago I thought I was going to cough my head right off but today I feel a lot better so here’s hoping! The improvement might be down to the ice cold Nile Beer I have just taken a liking to again as I had even gone off that!

I did manage to carry out the first mosquito net deliveries though but it was a struggle. The first 100 nets have gone to a very poor area of Jinja.

We visited many individual homes in the outlying areas but Godfrey, very sensibly, had organised for many of those receiving the nets to meet in the village square and it saved a lot of hard work for me and for the poor old pick-up!

Thank you to all those mentioned in the photos and many more whose nets I still have to deliver!

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