A very challenging drive back to Nawanyago!

Paul and Mum Monica are loading bricks into the pick-up just in case we get stuck in the mud. Going to have an attempt at midday, 90 minutes. I’m getting nervous as it’s worse knowing now what us to come! But can’t stay here, Mike has to get back to work and Paul to uni.

No worries. Well I have some very good news, enough for almost 700 nets has been raised which is amazing 😉 !

Arrived safe! Will explain more later but for now can’t stop smiling! My tummy still hasn’t calmed down!

The road was even worse than when we had gone to Kazozi with the ditches now with water in them after the storm yesterday and many were thick with mud on the approach and on exiting. We were supposed to leave at 12, giving the sun time to dry the mud but Paul noticed the weather changing so we left early. There were numerous ditches and nine very challenging ones that the three of us plus spectators doubted we would make but with Mike and Paul out of the vehicle planning my route, using twigs to assess water depth it was then up to me. I made up my mind that taking it easy, slow and careful was not an option. I needed to put my foot down a bit, maybe more than a bit and most importantly keep going! I was so nervous but also determined as if we missed this opportunity it could be a long wait as more rain was forecast. Mike needed to get to work and Paul back to uni. So I gritted my teeth, quite literally, and went for it. The grin on the boys faces said it all when I succeeded by getting through the first one, I even got a ‘bonga’ (high five equivalent) from Paul. Each one we navigated successfully was another relief but the thought of another and another to follow was quite scary! In the swamp area the ditches came one after the other so the boys would walk ahead of me.

We were all amazed how the pick-up coped though it was complaining loudly when I was making it work hard!

Once we had succeeded through all the ditches we allowed ourselves congratulatory smiles, rather big smiles! I think that journey will be one of those that will be in our memories for a long time! I must admit I’m still wondering how we did it!

One minute I’m laughing and the next nervous at the memory of what we had achieved. I shall sleep very well tonight!

Fortunately the deliveries in and around Nawanyago should be very easy by comparison but I will take a couple of days rest before we start.

Mike and Paul came all the way back to Nawanyago with me, stayed for lunch then Innocent and I walked them to the bus. It had been lovely having the four brothers together for a few days, they are lovely young men and always care for me so well.

But I’ve decided no more ‘adventures’ this visit to Uganda!X

One of the many challenges me and the pick-up had today!

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