Friday morning

I’m late getting up this morning, well it’s just after 8! There’s no electricity so I’m missing my early morning cuppa. Terrible! That is until I remember that Innocent, Alex and Paul (Judith’s 10 year old son) are in the garden (fields) and have been since dawn, and his wife Betty is at the borehole collecting water, quite a bit of it for me!

Really puts my ’needs’ in perspective!


A bag of fempads were waiting for me when I got back from Kasozi yesterday. They hadn’t been ready for me to collect on my way from Entebbe probably because it had been the Christmas holidays. Dear Patrick had travelled all the way from Kampala to bring them here ready for me to start delivering to the local ladies of menstrual age, along with the mosquito nets. Thanks to all who have donated to fempads, they are going to be life changing.

I showed them to Judith and Betty this morning and even though I explained what they were they looked doubtful so I went and got a pair of my knickers to demonstrate which worked. So I said I would take my knickers when I was delivering the fempads and they both burst into laughter! Why? After she had stopped laughing Judith said it was because they were so large! I like my big knickers but I will borrow a pair of Betty’s or buy a new pair to demonstrate.

With Patrick’s ladies group so far away from Kamuli District I’m seriously considering looking round for someone local to start a fempad project with. It makes much more sense. I’ve got Innocent on the case. X

One thought on “Friday morning

  1. joyrocket says:

    Hi Gerry,

    Have been reading and following all your emails, looks like you are having an exciting time, hope you are currently well. Sending you this for an update.

    Planning is on track for the Ragtag Charity Concert on 15 February. Everyone involved has been immensely helpful, and Alison Wood is fully engaged. She will be running a raffle during the evening, and is finding people to check tickets and collect money at the door. Flyers, posters and tickets are being obtained at minimum cost, I will speak to Norman on reimbursement when appropriate. We have all the musicians we need for the evening, except for one slot, and we are investigating candidates for this.

    Hope your trip continues to be useful, but not more eventful!

    Regards, Zeb Davies

    Sent from my iPad


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