Back at Innocent’s

It’s good to be back staying with Innocent and his lovely family again. The home is certainly a busy one this time with Judith’s 10 year old son Paul staying as it’s the school holidays until 25th January. 18 month old Norman keeps everyone on their toes and runs circles around everyone! From the minute he wakes up in the morning he’s on the go. Someone has to keep a close eye on him at all times as he’s a bit of a wanderer too! I now appreciate how very difficult it is to restrict toddlers with it being an outside life and with no fences! It scares me how easily he can get to the busy road and often aims his little but fast legs down there given any opportunity! They certainly have their work cut out! Norman is a bright spark, always copying, or trying to, whatever his dad, or his brothers are doing. I

He has three young friends, Guster, Gifty and Angel, living next door who adore him and are often here playing. Mama Guster is a lovely lady and Baba earns a small living as a boda taxi 🏍 man.

Just like his dad and his namesake (my hubby!), Norman loves his food! He especially relishes the meat which I don’t suppose he gets much of when his Dada Gerry is back in the UK.

Innocent is looking very well hand happy and continues to work very hard juggling the responsibilities of family, farm and managing what seems to be a 24 hour pub!! And I think he’s succeeding! Every time I come there’s been some little change in the homestead and it looks more and more beautiful. He’s not only hardworking but also he is a very knowledgeable man particularly in what crop is good to grow and its individual needs. His farm like many others in Uganda was devastated by weeks of heavy continuous rains and floods before Christmas when it should have been the dry season.

But now the fields are planted up once again and looking good.

Innocents wife Betty is far more confident now that she knows me better, is always there to help me and enjoys laughing at my ‘strange’ ways!

14 or 16 year old Alex (no one seems to know how old he is!) who has been unofficially adopted by Innocent is a real benefit to the home and family. He and Innocent are like father and son now. He is hard working, caring and happy, happy that he has found a loving family.

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