13/14 January-They would give up the food on their plates in exchange for sanitary pads!!

Another full and interesting day delivering more nets and all the fempads. Neither of them enough and never will be, but to those who receive you are all such a blessing to them as they are both life changing, yes even ‘just ‘ for five reusable sanitary pads!

Today we headed for a little village called Nawantumbi only 20 minutes drive from Nawanyago but deeper inland.  Innocent thought we ought to put some more fuel in the car as, without a fuel gage we have no idea how much we have remaining. FYI There’s no speedometer either! I do love Uganda!! I turned off the ignition like we’re always advised, (though no one does in Uganda!) but then couldn’t turn it on again! The key wouldn’t budge! I fiddled as much as I dare, thinking the flimsy key was likely to break, then handed the problem over to Innocent, as I often do and, yes you’ve guessed it, his fiddling succeeded! I think I’m just too gentle with the old vehicle!

Our journey today soon had us on rough track again but nothing like previous deliveries, thank goodness! We were delivering nets to the homes of all the pupils from a tiny but growing school called Good Luck Junior School. We called on many homes on the way to the school, all extremely poor but their occupants equally friendly and welcoming. If we came across any teenagers we offered them the fempads. Innocent didn’t hesitate to help me explain how they work, panties in hand (bought new from local shop, not a pair of my big knickers that had my lovely friends in stitches the other day!)

I think the day is described better in photos from the newest born baby (3 weeks) to the oldest lady I’ve ever met in Uganda, 100 and still looking after her grandchildren and great grandchildren, so here goes. Hope you enjoy!

By-the-way I’ve been sending most photos of individual net donations out to their sponsors so many won’t be shown here. Thanks to everyone by-the-way. Amazing effort, we’re almost to the 700 nets sponsored this time when I originally only put in an order for 400!

On the school notice board!

If you can’t get what you want try to love what you have.’

It’s the teacher that makes the difference not the classrooms’

The roots of education are too bitter but the fruits are sweet.’

If you want to succeed:-

BELIEVE where others doubt’.

WORK where others refuse.

SAVE where others spend.

STAY where others quit.

And you will win where others lose.’

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