Visit to Good Luck Junior School

17/1 Return visit to Good Luck Junior School in Nawantumbi. Marton Primary in Macclesfield had been raising money for mosquito nets and one of the ways their Ethos group thought of was to ‘sell’ hands of friendship which were then given to me to bring out to Uganda. I had given them to  the school when we delivered mosquito nets to all the families of the pupils, and had promised to go back and help them make return hands. Today was the day even after a long day of celebration yesterday, and night(!), yesterday left me exhausted!

We were due at 10 am but William one of Innocents friends still here after the party noticed the back number plate was hanging off which didn’t surprise me, but I’ve learnt not to worry about such minor’ things in Uganda, confidant that my young friends will know what to do which of course they did! We just stopped off at the Nawanyago Iron Works on our way. Two welders busy working on a job, stopped immediately and started working on securing the number plate, soldering it on somewhere! And they didn’t charge! Innocent gave them 5000 (£1) between them ‘for their efforts’ and they were apparently very pleased with that! See photos!

John Baptist, William and Fazie were travelling with us and I noticed to my horror when I looked in the mirror, John and William stood up at the back of the pick-up ‘catching the air’ but I’m relieved to say Fazie, disabled, and the more sensible, sat inside the pick-up however uncomfortable it must be! We eventually made it to the school, ok two hours late, but still had a wonderful welcome.

When we delivered mosquito nets to the school I had given Ibrahim the paper Hands of Friendship made by Marton PS in Macclesfield. I said I would return and help the children make hands to send back and here we were. I say we as not only was there Innocent but also Fazie, John Baptist and William. They had all been at the party and wanted to come and help me! I’m glad they did as organising approx forty children to do the hands with nothing to sit on and an activity strange to them, was no easy task but between Ibrahim, John and William, all teachers, I was able to sit in the doorway of the school office which was the coolest place in the midday heat and just offer any advice needed! 

Ibrahim had told the children they could come to school to meet Madam Gerry again and many did turn up along with a couple of teachers and some interested parents who were very interested in having a go themselves!!!

Hands completed I taught them the Jambo Song and the Hokey Hokey because of which attracted quite a crowd of onlookers!

Before we left I gave Ibrahim a bag of tennis balls and he threw one to the children who soon organised themselves into a great game. I think they are going to love those balls! Thank you Higher Poynton Tennis Club and Fiona who donated them!

Gifts of sugarcane and bananas!!

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