Mozzi nets to Kitayundwa

We have delivered the last of the 700 mosquito nets that have been donated, today. Thank you all so so much! That is 1700 altogether since October 2017! Quite an achievement I would say, so well done!

Today I drove the pick-up, for the last time this year, accompanied by Innocent from Nawanyago to Kamuli to meet up with Godfrey without whose help none of this would happen, as he orders and picks up the nets for me, and he is the owner of the lovable pick-up!

We were to deliver to his mums village, Kitayundwa. We transferred to his rather more comfortable car and for the rest of the day I did nothing but survey the scene and take a few photos! Godfrey had organised for most of the recipients of the nets to gather under a tree where his very able daughter Abi  and her friend did the handing over of the nets. I was purely a spectator, so different to my other deliveries! I just had to sit back and watch which sounds very nice but I found myself falling asleep!!

Godfrey’s mum kindly provided lunch, with an extra side dish of ants as I think I had sat on an ant nest or they were dropping from the trees! One bit me and i had to scrape it off/out of my skin!!

Godfrey kindly drove us back home where l had  a school trunk to sort and various other chores in preparation for my departure on Wednesday. I had also promised Alex and Paul that I would walk to the bore hole with them, accompanied of course by little Norman, always in the mix! Nico, my young deaf friend came too, then persuaded me to go and visit his family. It was a happy outing!

What I forgot to mention was that on the way to Kamuli the number plate fell off again! So the ‘free’ repair didn’t last long! We discovered this when a taxi-bus (my name for them in suicide buses!!) went hurtling past me on a bend beeping his horn. This is normal behaviour of this local transport! But today the driver was actually alerting me to the fact I was losing the number plate so I must be grateful!

Paul found the FC hat amongst my craft things and hasn’t taken it off since!!

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