Innocents to Patrick’s

My journey-Firstly there was a big accident approaching Jinja with what seemed like the whole of the Ugandan Police force out and spectators several rows deep but fortunately on the other side of the road though it was very congested. Charles my taxi man had told me before we left Innocents that there were major road works on our usual route to Kampala too so he had decided to take a rather long diversion. I’d no idea where we were going but we were driving through beautiful countryside on a good tarmac road, and there were pineapples everywhere!! Millions of pineapples growing between sweet banana trees as far as my eyes could see. I’d never seen anything like it! And, there was hardly any traffic and no dust! I just sat back and enjoyed the ride!

My family were tracking me on their phones so I told Charles they will be thinking he’s kidnapped me! I just have to put my trust in Charles, he’s never let me down yet!

After a while the countryside changed to forest but broken frequently by water, small rivers and swamp land. I asked Charles if there were crocodiles around and he answered yes and that they sometimes come out of the water. I’m sure the river must have run to the Nile so I found myself singing Never Smile at a Crocodile!!

Actually Charles was playing gospel music a lot of the time and it put me back into how I was feeling this morning before we left Innocents. It had been wonderful singing together and the family joining in when we sang When the saints go marching in. Though  I don’t think it’s obvious on the recording that Judith, Alex and Betty were singing too! But one of those special moments I won’t forget.

I had called Patrick to warn him of our very probable delay as we were having lunch with his family but then was amazed we arrived early! It was the best way to Kampala and Charles says he will be using it again. I will certainly hope he does as we were stop start stop start or just stop, whenever we went the direct route and it was always so dusty!

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