Leaving is never easy!

I was up early and finished my packing when no one was around, or so I thought. When I did open my door they were all up too just sitting quietly with sad faces. Even little Norman seemed to sense something different.

Everyone kept asking to help me but I had made sure I was well ahead of them as I was feeling sad too and would have got all muddled up!

According to Innocent Charles my taxi man had been here since well before dawn having travelled from Entebbe during the night. He was asleep in his vehicle. I decided to let him sleep on as it was another long journey we had ahead of us.

Innocent produced the hymn sheet from his Thanksgiving Mass, sat down beside me and started singing one of the two hymns I knew. It was so moving but also cruel as he knew it would make me cry!! He encouraged me to join him which was even worse, then recorded it! He said he wanted to keep it to listen to every day. The rest of the family joined in the singing and after a while a weary smily Charles appeared at the door.

After he had a spot of breakfast he packed the taxi then time for family photos we were off, a sad group waved me off and going through the village and trading centre people were waving and calling Madam Gerry, even the boda men! It’s lovely being part of the community of Nawanyago.

I got Charles to stop outside Fazie’s workplace/home as I had promised the family, especially the two daughters Edronha and

Edretinha, who almost bowled me over, that I would say goodbye and caused my tears to start again!

I’m ok now that I’m on the way. I just now want to get home!

It’s turning out be an interesting journey so will catch up again soon!

Just left Patrick’s (re fempad group), straight into Ugandan fog – thick dust and smoke! Terrible here! Most evenings it’s like this apparently! So bad for people’s health! Thank goodness Charles taxi has air con! Next stop airport and will be sending update. See you later!

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