Update on Uganda

Dear Friends
It’s been a while since I wrote to you but things have still been moving on in Uganda, though in different directions to those planned before the outbreak of COVID.

As a country they are not reporting big numbers of people affected but
things aren’t always as they first appear and speaking to my friends out there who live in ‘the real world’ things are very different on the ground.

The young people we support have not been to school or uni since March as many of the institutions are being used to isolate those who have contracted COVID or been near someone with the virus. The patients are forced to stay in the isolation centres for fourteen days, quite rightly, and are supposed to be well cared for but if you don’t have money or family nearby to look out for you then you are left to go hungry! I can’t imagine how it would be if you got really sick and needing help such as ventilation as the majority of hospitals just do not have the facilities at the best of times.

The Ugandan government have been laying down rules and giving advice for staying safe and avoiding the spread of the disease but are completely ignoring them themselves as they encourage people to congregate in huge numbers at rallies to hear the politicians rallying for support for the country’s general election in January, and as with Trumps America nothing is more important!!

I’m just hoping and praying that the heat, often dry heat, of Uganda and the mainly outdoor life will keep the virus numbers low until a vaccination is available to all. The alternative is too frightening to contemplate!

News about my friends, the young people we support in Uganda, and my projects, to follow.

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