Making masks in Uganda!

Firstly, I’m sure you remember my friend Patrick who was one of the initial people I worked with when I first went to Uganda in 2002 and who, over the years, has become a valued friend of mine. In fact he manned his first child after me, Gerry Mukisa (Mukisa means Blessed. What an honour! It’s Gerry Mukisa’s 12th birthday today!

The first time I met Gerry Mukisa in 2008

Now at 12 years old, she is a great help to her parents helping with her siblings and loves going to school too

Patrick and his wife Kevin now run a workshop in Kampala, for women who for some reason or other were denied an education when they were younger. They teach their students basic reading, writing and accounts and also give them skills such as simple tailoring so they have a better chance of gaining employment.

Two years ago, as well as making the usual items of clothing, I had asked Patrick if the ladies could make reusable sanitary towels which I gave out to those in desperate need when I delivered the mosquito nets earlier this year. They were a great success and put smiles on lots of faces as managing without sanitary pads is a nightmare as you can well imagine! During the pandemic Patrick tells me he has, very sensibly, made the production of masks a priority and I’m sure will keep this up for as long as they are needed. Amazing work on behalf of the people in his community and beyond. I would like us to support him in this vital work if possible by giving him a donation towards the material for the masks.

We also support four students. Paul and his younger brother Emma at primary school, Alex at secondary school , and Nico who is profoundly deaf. News about these young men next.

Busy making masks for the community

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